Metaphore Agency- Press & Public Relations


In order to inform ...
You must communicate...

Métaphore is an independent agency located near the heart of Brussels, the seat of the European Commission.
Incorporated in December 1994, Métaphore is today proud of its many contacts and references in the Public Relations sector in the Benelux.

Are you communicating effectively with the press ? 

Métaphore is focusing on 4 keys areas of communication: relations with the press, & Public Relations on the one hand, Events and Strategy like web content and web writing on the other.

Productive relations with the press are no doubt a major source of added value. We offer a comprehensive service in this area throughout Belgium & Luxembourg: drafting and dissemination of press releases, organisation of interviews and press conferences, follow-up of publication schedules, etc.

For Métaphore, quality communication means an ongoing dialogue, a personalized follow-up, originality, creativeness, thoughtfulness, a pragmatic approach, trust, professionalism, and achieving the right balance between flexibility and rigor in all circumstances. It also means securing the services of top specialists when and as required.

People often ask us, Why Métaphore" ?
The word comes from the ancient Greek, "metaphora" and originally meant "transfer" or "carrying.
elsewhere". And this is precisely what we propose doing for you:
Carry your message into a new dimension,
open up ever wider horizons for communication !

Great PR turns up the volume
let us build your brand and manage your reputation !